Add some pops of colour to your favourite shopper!

I’ve recently rediscovered my love for TASSELS!!! I used to make loads of these fun woolly decorations with kids at my craft classes, in all different brightly coloured yarns, threads, trims and ribbons! They are the perfect addition to accessories such as shoppers, totes or belly baskets. I’ve used my tassels to decorate my favourite  pink kitschy Sun Jellie’s bag –  if you haven’t yet come across this fantastic colourful brand go check them out

This DIY project was a real treat to work on – if you would like to give it a go simply follow my steps below (you will love it, I promise!).

What you will need:

Oddments of wool (four different summery shades!)

1 x metre of cotton twine

A pair of scissors

A large darning needle

A small rectangular piece of cardboard

To make your tassel template cut out a piece of cardboard measuring 12cm x 8cm. Measure 3.5cm down from the top and cut out a section measuring 6cm x 1cm.

Step 1: Wrap your chosen wool around the tassel template working vertically, carrying the yarn up and over the back side and then down the front side. Tie in a knot at bottom edge to secure.

Step 2: Continuously wrap yarn around tassel template working from left to right to form large woolly loops, create a few layers. For chunky yarns wrap 10-15 times, for thinner yarns wrap 20-25 times.

Step 3: Thread a 10cm length of yarn onto your large darning needle. Working from the back to the front push darning needle through at the left side of the cut out section. Now wrap the yarn across the top part of your tassel and through the gap. Repeat a second time.

Step 4: Turn over tassel template. Pull the end pieces of yarn tightly and tie with a double knot to secure. Trim off yarn ends.

Step 5: Cut all bottom loops and remove your template. Now give your tassel a little haircut so the bottom edge looks lovely and neat!

Step 6: Repeat steps 2 – 5 and make three more tassels. Thread a long piece of twine onto your darning needle and pull through top loops of all tassels.

Step 7: I have attached my tassels to my Sun Jelly bag by tying the end pieces of twine around the small holes which sit below the handles and securing with a double knot. For regular shoppers, bags and belly baskets simply tie onto the ends of your handles!

Rachel x x

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