DIY Geo Wall Decals

Make a statement in your space with a geometric felt wall design – these triangular decals take no time to make and you can move them around as many times as you like to create lots of fun patterns!


What you will need…

Triangle template (download below)

A4 white paper

Marker Pen

Long metal ruler

Pair of scissors

Rotary Cutter

Half a metre of melange wool felt in shades yellow, coral and aqua

8 x A4 sheets of Steam-a-Seam double stick fusible web

Step 1: Place your triangle template (download here) under a sheet of steam a seam and trace around 4 times with a marker pen. Do the same onto all other fusible web sheets and cut out triangles.

Step 2: Peel off one of the paper backings on each triangle and one at a time place them onto your chosen colours of melange wool felt. Turn your iron onto its hottest setting and press each triangle for a few minutes until the sticky backing has attached to the fabric.

Step 3: Cut around each triangle using a rotary cutter and a large metal ruler then peel off all paper backings.

Step 4: Arrange triangular decals onto a plain wall in your home and create a lovely geo style design!

Rachel x x

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