Video Tutorials

I love teaching people how to make things. This page contains short video tutorials showing you how to make some of my favourite projects. All of my videos can be found on my very own YouTube Channel.

Product Review – ‘Happy cushion’kit by we are knitters

One of my main passions is knitting. I just love working with yarn and creating lots of lovely woollen wares! So I was thrilled when I received this gorgeously colourful Happy Cushion kit by We Are Knitters. Watch this video to see me creating this super soft Peruvian wool design, a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

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HOW TO MAKE – A Shrink plastic flamingo necklace

Shrink plastic has become one of my all time favourite crafts. I’ve taught many workshops on this technique to both adults and children, and everyone always finds it super fun. I am obsessed with flamingos right now, so I thought I’d put together this little video showing you how to make a glittery shrink plastic one. This would make the perfect stocking filler!

Materials: Scissors, pink permanent marker, jump ring 4mm, necklace chain, hole punch,  all purpose glue, cotton bud, pink glitter, small oven tray, A4 sheet of frosted shrink plastic, A4 template of flamingo.

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HOW TO MAKE – Felt Christmas trees 

In this video I show to how to make your very own freestanding Christmas tree. Why not make a few to sit on your mantelpiece and add a little handmade sparkle to your living room this festive season!

Materials: Clay pot, copper acrylic paint, a piece of cardboard, dress making pins, copper glass bugle beads (6 mm), scissors, 10 pence piece (or round coin), small wooden star, cinnamon stick, paint brush, felt tip pen, polystyrene cone (190 mm x 70 mm), green felt (0.5 m) and a glue gun.

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With Christmas just around the corner, why not have a go at making your very own sparkly baubles to hang on your tree?

Materials: Sequins trimming (1.5m), Felting punch tool, All purpose glue, .Dress making pins, Polystyrene ball (8cm), 25g Wool tops.

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How to make – Felt Succulents

I absolutely love making plants and cactuses, artificial ones are the best as you don’t need to water them! Here’s a little video where I show you how to make a really simple felt succulent in a copper painted pot.

Materials: Scissors,UHU Glue, Felt-tip pen, Pencil, Paint brush, Green felt (12″x12″), Clay pot, Copper paint, Paint pot, White card.

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How to make – Scented Pumpkin Decorations

Halloween is fast approaching, why not have a go at making your very own fabric pumpkins, these would make great decorations for your home and they smell nice too!

Materials: Fabric, Card, Dried cinnamon sticks, A bowl, Toy stuffing, Scissors, Glue, Sharpie pen, Embroidery thread and needle, Felting needle and pad (or sponge), Wool tops.

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